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We keep a long hall of paintings upstairs. We take great pride in the originality of the works displayed.

This piece was done by Dirosa in 1988
  • Extremely colorful, despite the use of only very basic colors
  • For no reason, I think Dirosa must be french and angry. Note: there is no beret on any of the figures (why not?)
  • The humans make up coherent color/outline blocks, while the clouds and foliage seems more random
  • This probably doesn't qualify as folk art. The strict senses of movement and conflict bring quite a bit of sophistication to the piece.
  • It is definitely my favorite in the collection. High marks - I give it a 9 or so.
A piece by Diraso
Flags and crucifixes
I don't know (yet) who did this
  • Patriotism and Christianity are both very common themes in folk art.
  • Notice the driveway...I believe the structure at the top is the White House. Political opinions are common in folk art. I think this artist has a profound trust in America's promise.
  • Call me "whatever", but an interesting aspect of this piece is the regularity suggested by the artist. Since it is done by hand, and with flair, though, the structure languishes, giving the viewer room to think about.
  • I really, really like this piece. I give it an A-, despite its simplicity, vulgarity and obviousness.
Slovakian Couple
  • Again, I don't know how did this, but I really wish I did.
  • This was painted onto a piece of glass. The tricky part is that what you see is backwards, from the artist's perspective. Usually, an artist paints the background first, but in these glass paintings, the opposite is true, which means the artist must have practiced some very strict discipline.
  • The piece is very, very cool. I didn't realize that the web image would be this lame. In person, you'll be impressed
  • Also, it is extremely romantic.
  • Rating: Four stars (****)
Slovakian Couple

  • Revelations has one main "cool" element: it is both a wood relief and a painting. The relief work is very deep; easily a quarter of an inch in depth.
  • This must have been a ton of work.
  • Revelations covers another major theme of folk art: sin. The artist attempts to convey an air of corruption and two party madness, mixed in with plenty of biblical references.
  • Several words are mispelled, which quite frankly, add to the feeling of frustration in the piece. If the words weren't so commonly mispelled ("capital" instead of "capitol" and "democrates" instead of "democrats"), I'd assume they were mistakes. This artist really scores big points for bring a good point home.
  • I tried taking a photo slightly on edge, but it didn't work out too good. I wanted you to see the depth of the relief. I guess you'll have to book a room and come to Austin :^)
  • Rating: "World Class"
The Village?
  • This is proof that "the critic earns criticism". I don't know what the image is about, despite several hours of careful consideration and whisky.
  • The style is actually very nice, colorful, and thought-provoking.
  • The sign near the middle advertises "Meats and Fruits Guns".

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