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Another view, with a little more of the wardrobe

Room Eight (skip to Room 9)

I love how glossy the black wood of the dresser is. I hadn't intended to get the ironing board into the photo, but I guess it's ok. Each room has one, and an iron, too.

This room has a cranny in it. Sylvia has put a few artsy things in it, as well as some books about art. Below it is a small storage area, perfect for some smaller suitcases while on an extended stay.

The cranny in Room Eight
A painting in Room Eight

It is hard to see the details in this small picture. I think it is done with colored pencil. It features a church scene, and seems to me to be done with a real southern style.

There is a small desk in Room Eight. It isn't too comfortable for hours on end, but is a handy place to plop down your laptop, jack into the LAN, and check your email.

Room Eight's desk
Sylvia's favorite piece of art

This is Sylvia's favorite work of art in the entire house. I like it, too. It is done with paint and pebbles for texture.

The larger view of the room.

Room Eight

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