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Room Five (skip to Room 6)

This is a photo of the wardrobe, and desk in room 5. The wardrobe is really neat; it has a three way mirror, and several drawers, as well as retractible hanger arms. It is on the second floor. We only managed to get it upstairs because it came in pieces, but with no instructions. We got it right the third time.

An old view of Room Five
Another view of Room Five Room Five has a good deal of space in it. You can relax and enjoy your lazy days away.

This photo might be upside down, but I'd never know it :^). This piece resides in Room Five. We don't stray from the paints medium too often, but this one seemed like a lot of fun. It is paint and glitter and sequins.
Art piece
Another view of the bed in room 5 Another view of the bedspread. Not my favorite, but some folks like it :^).

A better picture of the bed.

Room Five

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