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The view of room 4 from the bathroom

Room Four (skip to Room 5)

Room Four is definitely our most formal feeling. On those days I want to feel important I sleep in Room Four. Not really :^). The bed was a wedding present to us; it is too big for house, so we brought it to the inn.

This is the vanity in Room Four. It doubles quite nicely as a desk. The LAN jack is just a few feet away.
Room Four's vanity
A piece of art in Room Four This piece lives in Room Four.
And this one does, too. Another piece of art in Room Four
A rocking chair This is one of the rocking chairs in Room Four. I don't know if it is an antique, or if it is old at all, but it seems plausible. It is rather short like a lot of old rocking chairs are.

This is an old view of Room Four, before we turned the bed around to face the windows and painted. What a difference a little Sherwin Williams makes! Room Four is my favorite, because I like the understated classy feeling about the place. There is nothing flashy or glitzy about it; its just nice.
An old view of Room Four

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