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A good image of a lovely wardrobe

Room One (skip to Room 2)

The wardrobe in Room One has very interesting wood grain. I'm curious to know exactly how that comes about, but it looks to me that the doors are large pieces of solid wood.

The bath has a full tub/shower combination.

Room One is the only room that has an external entrance, making it perfect for those who want a bit more privacy, or plan on staying out late.

The porch is ideal for lounging, hanging, chilling, being, relaxing, and getting to know oneself and others.
Another view of the front porch
The dresser in Room One
The dresser Room One is recessed into a nook. I should get a good photo of it so you can see the beautiful wood grain.

The piece of art above it is sentimental for us; we used it for our wedding invitations.
The chair in Room One sits under the television. It isn't convenient for watching TV, but the bed is. The chair is convenient for having friends stop by. The chair in Room One
The deep red wood of the foot of the sleigh bed The foot of the bed is made of very attractive, deep red wood.
The wideshot of the room. The bed in Room One

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