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The desk in Room Seven

Room Seven (skip to Room 8)

Room Seven is the most popular room in the house, in large part due to the beautiful canopy bed that dominates the room. The coverlet is a luxurious red and gold combination, and matches the rest of the room impeccably. It was handmade by a close friend of ours.

The room has this small desk in one corner. It will hold a laptop or wine chiller just fine :^)

This is another view of Room Seven, seen from the door. Like some of the other rooms in the house, the bedspread was handmade by a good friend of Sylvia's.

Another view of Room Seven
The dresser in Room Seven is natural gold and red This is an older picture (the walls aren't painted yet), but an interesting one. I didn't intend for the lighting to be so strong for this one, but I am glad it is. The wood really is that deep gold and red, and I noticed that a long time ago, when we were moving all of the furniture in. I guess I forgot until I saw this photo.
A place to sit. The red chair in the red room
The corner of the room I don't think this photo really adds much to what you know already about the room, but I really love the color of the walls.

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