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The chair in Room Six

Room Six (skip to Room 7)

Room Six is quite comfortable, and has a decent view of the Texas Capitol building when the trees are hibernating in the winter.

This is another view into the room, but this time from the bathroom. The comforter was handmade by Phoebe, a friend of ours. She did several of the comforters in the house. Another view into Room Six
The desk space in Room Six

Room Six has an antique desk in it, with a banker's lamp.

Room Six really isn't about work, though, its about play! It features a king size bed and nice red chair. The kind of chair that sucks you in for a while.
This vibrant piece lives in Room Six. Its a pretty good size painting, with a lot of hidden detail. The only theme I can glean is that of an "in charge woman in a bikini surrounded by a crazy, chaotic world".
A painting in Room Six
The dresser in Room Six
The dresser in Room Six is recessed in a corner. The room has a closet, too.
Room six has two pieces done in this style. The other is, fittingly enough, a man. We placed one on either side of the bed.

I think this really qualifies as folk art; it is done on a thin piece of wood, with some basic colors and no apparent theme. It has a very innocent character to it.
A folk painting of a woman

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